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Pelle Braendgaard

Alice Nawfal

Ania Lipinska

Andrés Junge

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Founder Spotlight

Founder Spotlight: Pelle Braendgaard

"I started my career in the early days of the web. I was excited by the promise and power of open networks to improve all aspects of society without necessarily thinking through the consequences of what that meant."

One day, a friend lent a copy of Hernando de Soto’s Mystery of Capital, a book that would add depth and purpose to my career path. One of de Soto’s key messages was that technology, be it legal, financial, or otherwise, can have serious unintended consequences people’s underlying humanity, culture, and traditions are not considered.

I believe fintech and crypto technologies can have profound impacts on improving people’s lives around the world, but it requires careful thought on how to roll it out. This paradigm stayed with me and led me to spend more than 20 years working around the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa on fintech and crypto.

Before founding Notabene, I founded Kipochi, one of the first attempts at turning Bitcoin into mobile money in Africa, and uPort, where my Notabene co-founders and I worked to build foundational decentralized identity technology.

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Notabene’s vision is to help make crypto transactions a part of the everyday economy. We specifically focus on enabling businesses like Luno and individuals alike to use crypto with confidence and ease.

Right now, we help companies implement a new regulatory requirement known as the Travel Rule. Essentially, this requirement requires crypto companies to collaborate privately on identifying each other and each other’s customers before performing a crypto transaction.

While this is intended to stop fraud and corruption, it is also essential for end-users to confidently send funds to the correct recipient.

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