Our Approach

We like to move fast and help when we’re asked.


Why us

As fintech and crypto founders and operators, we’ve a similar journey, and we know just how hard it gets. So everything we do is to make sure that the journey is lighter for you.

We respect that every founder will have their own unique journey. We’re here to help you explore your own path.

We’re different in that we

Invest with permanent capital, which means we have a long-term horizon time in our founder support

Have experience building fintech/crypto businesses on six continents, with unique insights on both scaling global organisations and hyperlocalising them, often in very difficult markets

Have access to an incredible broad global network in financial services, fintech and crypto, across everything from talent and investors to regulators and banks

Our founder community


early stage startups


startups with a female
and/or minority founder


countries across emerging
and developed markets

Building a new, better financial system.

What we look for

Our investment remit includes all companies whose mission is to build a better financial system that is fair, open and equal to everyone around the world.

This spans everything from more traditional fintech companies improving on existing financial infrastructure, e.g. challenger banks and new remittance solutions, to fully crypto-native companies.

In the middle of the spectrum, we also welcome companies providing products or services to crypto companies, e.g. payments infrastructure and compliance solutions.


When to approach us

We like to be early investors in your business, even if you are pre-product or pre-revenue. If you're confident in your concept and have started validating your idea, we'd love to learn about you.

Typically, we'd like to see a prototype alongside a roadmap illustrating your approach. If you have a lead investor, we can move quickly to match your timeline.

Where we invest

We are a global investor capitalising on DCG’s operating and investing experience across 6 continents.

We invest in both emerging and developed markets.


Frequently asked

What is the relationship between Digital Currency Group (DCG) and DCG Expeditions?

DCG Expeditions is DCG’s team focused on backing early-stage founders (pre-seed, seed) building the next generation of financial services. We believe this will help accelerate the development of the financial ecosystem.

What is the relationship between DCG Expeditions and Luno?

The DCG Expeditions team works closely with Luno, one of the operating subsidiaries of DCG, to leverage Luno's global footprint and operating experience. We recently rebranded from Luno Expeditions to DCG Expeditions, to emphasize our link with DCG.

Does DCG Expeditions lead or co-invest?

We currently work with other investors who are leading your pre-seed or seed round. When co-investing, we will follow the terms led by the lead investor and are committed to moving at the pace of the lead.

How much would DCG Expeditions typically invest?

Our investment sizes are typically between $50,000 and $250,000, but we have quite a lot of flexibility.

Does DCG Expeditions invest in tokens?

DCG Expeditions considers token-exclusive investments where appropriate.

Does DCG Expeditions take board seats?

No, the team does not intend to have board seats. However, we are always available to support as advisors.

What geographies does DCG Expeditions invest in?

DCG Expeditions invests in both developed and emerging markets.