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Hena Mehta

Dipika Jaikishan

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Basis is a digital financial services destination for urban Indian women, anchored in education and communities, targeting a $40 billion opportunity in India by 2025. Launched in 2019 by Hena Mehta (Goldman Sachs, Square, Penn & Wharton alum) and Dipika Jaikishan (Fisdom, International Money Matters alum), Basis is the first Fintech company that is building unique financial products for women. Basis is designed to turn commercially savvy women currently ignored by financial services, into active, informed customers.The women/fin serv whitespace in India is massive with ~$1 trillion+ in investable assets which are lying as gold and bank deposits. 85%+ of women do not have health or life insurance, or are underinsured. 80%+ of loans disbursed in India are to men.  Under 12% of women make their own investment decisions.As part of its customised financial products offering, Basis has launched The Power Card, a prepaid card designed for the urban woman, from the ground up. Card users will also be able to apply for personal loans, which Basis is offering in conjunction with their lending partners. Over the next few years, Basis will layer on other financial services across investments and insurance, all hyperfocused on the urban Indian woman.

Why we invested

Basis began with the vision of bridging the knowledge and trust gaps that women face while making and taking action on financial decisions. Basis is India's financial services destination, designed and built for women, powered by financial education and communities. Launched in 2019, Basis is building a future where women can make financially well-informed and independent decisions for themselves. The Basis platform offers contextual and simplified education on personal finance, safe spaces to discuss money and learn alongside a powerful peer group, and curated financial recommendations and products that FINALLY, work for women.

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We're proud to support exceptional founders from all corners of the globe - all on different journeys - ultimately working towards the same goal of building a better financial system that is fair, open and equal to everyone around the world.

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